The People

The citizens of Loomis are the very heart of our town. I am committed to the safety of our people and their well being. I will always listen to anyone who has a concern or feedback. I am a people person and value everyone’s opinion. I am an empathetic listener and am genuinely interested in what everyone has to say.




As a Loomis business owner I know the importance of successful commerce. The Town of Loomis needs viable businesses as they are the lifeblood of our economic development. I will continue to work within our community to develop businesses and encourage those that are already here to grow and thrive. I will always be an advocate for business in our town.


I am a proponent for carefully planned growth that will benefit our town and utilize our resources wisely as past leaders determined in our General Plan. I realize the need for smart growth in areas designated as such.

Small Town Charm

I love the fact that Loomis has retained its small town feel and I would never want to see that disappear. I will fight to retain the character of Loomis that we all love so much.


The town of Loomis has had some tough battles with neighboring cities in the past and that has taken its toll. I am committed to repairing relationships for our town while standing strong for future opportunities.

Open Spaces

I appreciate the wonderful gifts that Loomis has to offer. I know firsthand the pricelessness of our beautiful lands in our rural areas with our majestic oak trees and stately granite rock out cropping’s. I truly am amazed at the natural beauty that we have all around us and am committed to maintaining it.

Our Roads

Traffic is a big concern for me. We are already at capacity in some areas and with more and more people moving to our area we need to come up with solutions to mitigate our traffic for the long term. In addition, our roads should be maintained at a level that ensures the safety of all who travel on them. I firmly believe that we need bicycle lanes on all our rural roads so that both vehicles and cyclists are safer as they pass each other.


I will always conduct myself with professionalism and integrity in any capacity that I work. I believe our town government should do the same. 

Finally and most important…


I will bring much to the table should you elect me. I will stand strong for the people of Loomis so that all our voices are heard and that the future that we all want to see, is as we the people want it to be.