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Hi Everyone!

I have decided to start a Blog so that I can let all of you know what I have been doing with my work for our wonderful town of Loomis and for its people. Since I do not have a Facebook page, I thought it would be a good idea to periodically post about my endeavors as your Loomis Town Council member. It is my hope to build relationships with the people of our town so that we can better communicate. With that said, I would really like getting to know you, the people in our Town, and would be honored to meet you. I am starting an outreach program so that I am more accessible and hopefully can meet with more people to connect with and you can get to know me. Please stay tuned for more on this.

These past few weeks have been very busy for me with family, business and town work. Spring has sprung! Since our last town council meeting I have had many various meetings. I am excited to report that I attended the first Placer County Economic Development meeting since the new year. It has been challenging for this board to meet with a quorum and that problem is clearly the most important hurdle to overcome with this group. The meeting went very well and I felt that the group made great headway on meeting schedules. The board consists of local jurisdictions and county officials along with Higher Educational leaders. What a dynamic group! I look forward to letting you know what this group achieves as the Board works together. Wonderful things are definitely happening with economic development in Placer County and as I hear more about them I will pass on the news.

The very next day, I was able to attend SACOG (Sacramento Area Council of Governances) Board Retreat in Sacramento. I was so proud to represent our great town of Loomis. Mayor Tim Onderko is normally the attending board member but had another engagement and asked me to attend as I am the alternate. I was thrilled at the chance to take part in the retreat! This is a diverse group of leaders that are on the cutting edge of technology, transportation and regional thinking. I am so new to all of this that I was really focusing on being a sponge and learning as much as I could about this agency. The Retreats desired outcome was to build relationships from other jurisdictions, revisit the purpose of SACOG, reconnect and pare down the 10 strategic goals from the last retreat and finally, shape the future direction for the next several years. It was really interesting to hear from so many people representing our region and to hear about some of the same issues we have as a small town from other small municipalities. Also greatly interesting was some of the concerns from the big cities that I had never heard about. The big takeaway was how important it is that all of us Counties, Cities and Towns, no matter how big or small, need to stick together! While Loomis may be a small town, we are a part of this region and are affected by it. Think about our traffic in Loomis; we have not grown in population for years and yet the traffic in our town is getting worse everyday. This is because of the REGION that we live in. As a councilmember for Loomis my focus is clearly on our town, but to take care of Loomis as a whole, thinking regionally is vital when you realize how all of our lives are affected by the region in which we live.

More news about SACOG. Mayor Onderko asked me to attend the monthly board meeting in Sacramento Thursday April 18th. We had a wonderful presentation by Randy Iwasaki from Contra Costa Transportation Authority about Innovating Mobility and how he was able to successfully accomplish transit goals with his very busy area coupled with board members that were not technologically savvy.

The Chamber Mixer this month was at the Horton Iris farm and what a beautiful evening it was! The irises had just started to bloom and the night was wonderful. Of great importance was the ribbon cutting honoring 20 years in business for the Farm. Congratulations! This business is a great example of what Agri-tourism can do for our town! If you have not been to the Horton Iris Farm, I encourage you to go! It is a living piece of art put together by the Horton’s. The Horton family has owned that property since the 1800’s.

This last Wednesday I attended the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency board meeting. I am the alternate for this agency and Council Member Brian Baker is the standing board member. Brian had an emergency and asked me to sit for him on the board. I have attended all of the meetings this year. Transportation in our area is a huge for concern for me. We were updated on the highway 65 upgrade which is a very complicated and expensive project.

Last night, I attended a ceremony at Del Oro honoring Ron Jones our retired band leader, music teacher and student mentor who worked at the school for many years. As a 1981 Del Oro graduate the band was a huge part of my high school years. We had the BEST band in the world and to watch it was amazing. The precision of the marching band was flawless! The band is a huge part of the legend of Del Oro and steeped deep in its traditions. I was not in the band, but anytime I remember our football games with the light shows and our homecoming parades the band is front and center. It was great to hear how many people Mr. Jones has positively affected over his tenure at D.O. . Next time you go to D.O. check out the sign in his honor noting the new band room.

Well….I think that enough for one blog today. I will fill you all in on the rest of my busy month soon.

Together we can accomplish great things!


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